New Era: Sarah Ellen For Salvation

Celebrating the strong, free spirited women who expresses their individuality and are unafraid to be daring. LEO & LIN embraces the new era and believes that inside every woman her ’New Era’ is waiting to emerge.

“As someone who likes to paint as therapy, colour is really important to me. Yellow is a pretty special colour, I think. Yellow is the kind of colour that lifts your spirit. When I think of yellow, It takes me on a journey through a summer in Italy, sunshine, sunflowers, warm feelings. Yellow is a star, yellow is the sun, and yellow is the moon.”

“My style is really just a representation of what mood I’m in that day. Colour is something I always try to incorporate. I used to wear black all the time, I think we can all agree, black is definitely the easy option when it comes to styling your outfit. But then I realised, colour makes me happy, so I’m going to wear what makes me happy. ”