Inspired by the work and life of the 19th century French painter Odilon Redon, and vast Australian nature. Resort 2021 "Femme Rhapsody" sees the light at the end of the tunnel, celebrates strongly spirited women, and conveys LEO & LIN's belief: We are the New Era.

“His incredible transition from dark, grotesque nightmarish charcoal painting to this colourful, bright & pastel floral world fascinates me.”

- Leo Lin

Five main pastel colour ways have been used and as usual, exclusively in-house designed prints, inspired from the Redon’s works - “Salvation”, “Euphoria”, “Verde”, “Oceania” & “Redemption” are featured on garments, each tells a different yet fascinate story while at the same time, expresses the idea of through darkness into the light, a nod to the strength and vitality of Australian nation.

The silhouettes incorporate more relaxed waistlines and fittings, to resemble the Australian beach & holiday style. Silk, linen and cotton natural fabrics are used inside out through the whole collection as always for maximum comfort and the support of sustainable fashion.

The Resort 2021 visual campaign is set in the Rocks area in Sydney CBD. A perfect place to mix urban and nature elements for a more modern approach.

The direction of a typical Aussie girl's hangout, with all talents expressing different emotions - joy, love, jealousy… speaks the true tone of the collection’s multi meaning - a collection that sees the light at the end of the tunnel, a collection that celebrates women of who they are, a collection that convey LEO & LIN’s belief: We are the New Era.