Fall-Winter 24 - Reverie

Reverie. Whisper and waft through our daydreams, with LEO LIN’s latest exploration of femininity; Reverie Collection.

An ode to nostalgic memoria, the collection is split into chapters in an art of visual storytelling. Surrealism pairs with strength and softness, as our collection’s colour palette opens with sunset hues. Reminiscent of young love, romantic prints and appliqué are interspersed with sequins and metallic finishes., while rich earth tones are a perfect grounding accompaniment.

Flights of whimsy through textures form the focal point of the collection. Zippers bring toughness, creating unique and ever changeable shapes with each silhouette. Constellation prints in gold foiling are seen on voluminous mesh and silk ruffles. Appliquéd asymmetric gowns pair with cascading silk. Intricate beading and layered sequins add flashes of magic, while new grandiose silhouettes in silk pleats and appliqué elegantly elevate.

Revel in the joy of dream-like memories, where playfulness is celebrated. Illustrative elements are layered on ethereal prints in cool oceanic hues. Kaleidoscopic florals and artistic brushstrokes are complimented by rich scarlet and magenta, visual chapters are imbued with wonder.

We welcome you to explore and discover a collection where creativity and imagination are brought to the fore. After all, all that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.