LEO LIN X Tara Milk Tea




We invite you to embark on an enchanting journey with the unveiling of LEO LIN's first Lunar New Year Capsule Collection, in honour of the Year of the Dragon. Released in collaboration with Tara Milk Tea, Leo Lin's latest collection pays homage to his heritage for an exclusive, 13 piece love-letter to home.


Each garment in this collection is a canvas, adorned with whimsical, embroideries and motifs that echo the rich tapestry of Lunar New Year. Plum blossom, China's national flower, takes centre stage alongside whispers of dragon tails. Delicate embroidery, gold foiling, and flirty tassels are just some of the intricate techniques used across the Lunar Collection.


The beauty of cultural fusion is celebrated, modern cuts and unexpected twists coalesce resulting in a wearable art form that bridges the past and the present, inviting you to become a walking canvas of cultural celebration.


The Hanfu skirts with metallic jacquard weave sit alongside ruffled mini dresses and draped silk one shoulder gowns. As you move, the garment comes alive, echoing the joyous energy of a celebration in full swing. Immerse yourself in the wonderland of our Lunar New Year collection, where every ensemble is a masterpiece waiting to be worn.