Spring Summer 24 - BOTANICA

Immerse yourself in the verdant jungles of our imagination.

The Botanica Collection transports you to the heart of the rainforest, where each piece is an embodiment of tropical paradise. The jungle's rich biodiversity becomes the muse for our designs where untamed wilderness meets opulent refinement.

LEO LIN breathes life into the rich, organic palette of the jungle with splashes of canary yellow, deep green, and blazing magenta amongst delicate and unique in-house prints now synonymous with Lin’s aesthetic. Hand painted designs showcase the vibrant shades of blooming flowers, lush greenery, and the subtle interplay of light and shadow beneath the canopy. Just as the jungle is alive with life, Botanica Collection is imbued with playful nods to exotic wildlife throughout. Tiger print is reimagined in soft pink and fresh white, and exotic birds decorate the Dreamscape and Euphoria prints.

Liquid-silk and cascading silhouettes reminiscent of tropical waterfalls are the centrepiece to Botanica. Fresh spring tailoring and shirt-cotton maxi skirts and separates create a directional and elevated approach to event dressing.

We invite you to embrace the allure of the rainforest and experience the richness of the Botanica Collection – a testament to nature's majesty.