Pre-Fall 24 - PAPILLON

Papillon. Step into a dreamscape. An ethereal ode to the mystical and fantastical.

Experience the Papillon Collection unfold like a narrative, where each ensemble tells a story of metamorphosis and curiosity. Fabrics chosen are as light as a butterfly's touch, with chiffon, silk, and organza creating garments that float and flutter. Even the seemingly ordinary becomes extraordinary, with tailoring transformed into artistry through meticulous embroidery. Diaphanous silk dresses with delicate of gold hardware transform gowns into masterpieces, while intricate beading completes classic silhouettes.

The collection's colour palette is a living canvas, echoing the iridescence of butterfly wings. Soft blush pinks, lavender purples, and aqua blues blend seamlessly with deeper emerald greens and royal reds, capturing the essence of a sunlit garden. Vibrant hues of ombre enchant signature silhouettes.

Now synonymous with the brand, the season’s prints are a tapestry of cascading florals, kaleidoscopes of butterflies and time-bending geometric patterns. Opulent roses drench the collection, some even appearing to melt in a playful dash of absurdity. Denim is featured in directional silhouettes; oversized suit jackets, dramatic flares and maxi skirts, all with a magical touch of neon pink stitching. Textures of lace and tweed elegantly pepper the collection, while outerwear becomes an extension of each print’s artistry.

With each ensemble, we invite you to become a character in your own wonderland, where reality is a mere suggestion, and the fantastical is a wearable masterpiece. Let the enchantment linger and be captivated by the magic spun into every thread of this extraordinary collection.